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#ProjectBariga is a 3-Day Vocational Training Program that takes place in the Bariga Community in Lagos, Nigeria.  The program targets women that suffer from a greater economic disadvantage compared to their male counterparts. The program generally focuses on providing community members with hands-on instructions/experience in the following areas, with the hope that this will be the catalyst to ignite their entrepreneurial beginnings.  

  • Catering

  • Tailoring

  • Natural Body Products

  • Cosmetology

Our #ProjectBariga project in 2018 was a success, we had a total of 68 applicants. Out of the 68 women, the Jaiyeroof Team selected 48 women who met our requirements for the program. At the conclusion of the 3 days, each participant was awarded a certificate of completion. Each instructor selected two students to participate in an extended 3 month vocational training course to further their knowledge in their selected trade.


The Bariga Community in Lagos, Nigeria suffers from widespread economic disparities that affect everyday needs, such as the basic need of food. Our Feed Our People Project targets individuals in Bariga to strengthen hunger security and provide long term solution to promote access to food. Since 2016 Jaiyeroof has provided food aid to over 1300 individuals in the Bariga community and surrounding areas.

Sip and Paint Fundraiser!

June 23, 2019


August 26, 2018

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